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2476-2480 Kruse Dr.
San Jose, CA 95131



Phone: 408.433.0818
Fax: 408.433.0169

Request for quote

We provide several ways you can request a free quote from us:

  • By Phone: 408.433.0818
  • By Fax408.433.0169
  • By Email: send us an email to with "RFQ" in subject line.

We accept both paper drawings and nearly any CAD or bitmap format file, including (but not limited to): DWG, DXF, IGES, SAT, STEP, VRML, JPG, GIF, PDF.

Please allow 1-2 business days for a quote. If you require faster quote turnaround, please call or email us. You may also send us a sample part in leu of drawing. Reverse engineering charges may apply. All part files and associated information are considered confidential.