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Photo gallery of machined parts


Pro Engineering: Our Machining Capabilities are State of the Art

Whether they are Fortune 500 companies requiring production runs in the thousands or small businesses and individuals needing a single prototype, our clients have found that ProEngineering provides them with an outstanding partner in manufacturing.

Computer/Electronic File Resources

Our extensive selections of software and multi-platform systems allow us to read virtually any type of e-files.

Machines and associated equipment are supported by state of art CAD/CAM systems and our excellent workforce is fully qualified to meet any and all machining requirements.

Material Variety

ProEngineering works with virtually all types of material, including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper, plastic, super alloys and more.

Some of our machine capabilities:

  • Makino F5 CNC Machining Center with Pro 5 Control - 20,000 HSK63 SPINDLE (+)
  • YCM GT250A CNC Turning Center
    Fanuc Enhanced MXP1001 CNC Controler
    8" 3 Jaw Hydraulic Chuck
    2.05" Bar Capacity
  • STAR SB-20E Swiss Type Automatic Lathe - Fanuc 0i-TD CNC control unit, 7 axes, Ø 20mm max. machining diameter. (+)
  • Two Fanuc Robocut Wire EDM - precision wire Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) / Axes: 23.6"x15.7"x12.2", Air Jet AWF II, High Precision Cutting
  • Two Makino a51 - Horizontal Machining Centers / 4 axis, Pallet:15.7" X: 22.0" Y: 22.0" Z: 23.6", Spindle RPM: 14,000, Rapid Traverse: 2,360 in/min, Cutting Feedrate: 1,968 in/min, Maximum Workpiece: ø24.8" x 35.4", Tool to Tool: 0.9 secs, Chip to Chip: 2.2 secs
  • Hyundai-Kia Turning Center, SKT210SY CNC Lathe with Fanuc 18iT Control
    "C" axis on main and sub spindle, Y axis slide on turret, 4000 RPM spindle speed, 12 station VDI 40 Live turret
  • 2000 SUPERMAX Mdl. Max-8 Rebel CNC Vertical Machining Center, w/Fanuc Series O-M control, 24-stations ATC, 8,000 max. RPM, 70" x 30" table, travels X=65", Y=30", Z=30".
  • Two Akira-Seiki Performa V4A, Mitsubishi M64 Control, 52x20x20 xyz travel, 20 HP, 24 tool side mount tool change, 8000 RPM spindle.
  • Two Akira-Seiki Performa v-3a, CNC mill machining center, Mitsubishi m520a controler, 32"x20"x20" x-y-z travels, repeatability 0.0001", 20hp, 8000 RPM.
  • Two Akira-Seiki Performa V2, CNC, 25X18-20
  • Akira-Seiki sl25, CNC Lathe, Fanuc series O-T control, 22" swing over bed, 12" turning diameter, 20hp, 4500 RPM spindle, repeatability 0.0001".
  • Akira-Seiki SV 1300, CNC Mill, Mitsubishi M520 controller, 30HP, 8000 RPM, 55" x 25" x 25" table travels
  • Two YCM XV Series, 560A - spindle speed 45~10,000rpm; spindle power 5.5/7.5/11kW; spindle taper BT40; XYZ travel 22"x16.1"x17.7"; table size 27.6"x16.5"; rapid feed rate XYZ 1260/1260/945ipm; accuracy (linear) table positioning A 0.00039"; repeatability R 0.00028"; tool magazine capacity 20
  • YCM XV 1250A Series, High Performance Vertical Machining Center, spindle speed 45~10,000rpm, X-axis: 50", Y: 20.5", Z :21.3" - state-of-the-art technology, exceptional accuracy
  • Precision toolroom lathe Hardinge 6" x 14", Repeatability 0.0002
  • YCM TC Series 36W, CNC Lathe Machining Center, 22" Max Dia of manufacturing parts
  • Alliant, Manual Mill, 30" x 20" X-Y
  • Birmingham manual lathe, model 1440 (that is also the size of the lathe, 14"x40" y-x), repeatability 0.001".
  • Astro vertical mill, 30"x20" x-y, repeatability 0.001".
  • DoAll Mdl.2013-U 20" Vertical Band Saw.
  • DoAll C-916 Horizontal Band Saw.
  • Hydraulic Press Model 5220, Heavy Duty Hydraulic Shop Press 20 Ton
  • Clark Forklift, 7000LB
  • Cyklon Blasting System, Sand Bead Blaster
  • Miscellaneous: Grinders, Drillpresses, Rotary Tables, Indexing Heads, etc.

Machine Shop Equipment List - printable version (PDF) - updated March 2016

We also have comprehensive proficiency of secondary processes and frequently collaborate with approved vendors to develop their capabilities in order to meet our customers’ requirements.

You'll be impressed by what we can do for you - the work you need at an exceptionally reasonable price.

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